Wisconsin State Energy Office


Wisconsin Municipal Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance Program (MEETAP)

As the State of Wisconsin Energy Office, our goal is to see you realize your energy efficiency goals.

With the MEETAP program we will provide owner’s representative services to:

·         Municipalities

·         Cities

·         Towns

·         Counties

·         K-12 School Districts



If your organization is interested in saving money and energy through  Energy Saving Performance Contracting, please contact us, we have the expertise to help you through a complex process.


If you don’t have a current baseline of your energy use (including transportation fuel) we can help! The SEO will provide the technical expertise, on both the administrative and engineering levels, required for the implementation of a successful energy efficiency project.


If your organization needs assistance finding funding for your projects, the SEO has partnered with the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands  to make you aware of the low-interest financing opportunities available to public entities.

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