Wisconsin State Energy Office

Fuels & Vehicles


The State Energy Office's (SEO) goal is to become the nationís leader in the effort to foster cost-effective renewable energy and to advance energy efficiency.  Part of meeting that vision is increasing the production and utilization of renewable fuels in transportation. 

Clean, renewable fuels are liquid, solid, or gaseous fuels generally produced by the conversion of biomass. Examples include ethanol from corn, sugarcane or grasses; and biodiesel from materials such as virgin or waste oils. The State also looks to idle reduction and fuel conservation as a means to reach the vision.  For more information on clean fuels and vehicle technologies in the State of Wisconsin click on the links below, contact the Clean Fuels Program or call (608) 266-1521.


The US Department of Energy has released an app for finding Alternative Fueling Stations. The app can be used to search for stations offering electricity, biodiesel (B20), CNG, LNG, E85, hydrogen and LP.

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