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Relocation Assistance

Relocation Plan Review 
  Under Wisconsin Relocation Law, public agencies and local governments undertaking a publicly-funded activity that displaces persons from their homes, farms, or businesses are required to file a relocation plan with the state's Relocation Unit. The overall goal is to minimize the hardship to persons displaced by a Public Project. Flooding and other natural disasters are not considered Public Projects. Post disaster remediation efforts to avoid future damage may be considered a Public Project if specific conditions are met. Flood victims taking advantage of federal buyout programs are not automatically presumed to be Displaced Persons eligible for relocation benefits. To be eligible for relocation benefits, a Displaced Person needs to be approached by a condemner agency interested in acquiring their property, there must be a legal occupant residing in the subject property and s/he has not signed any voluntary participation agreement. Voluntary participation agreements may trigger a forfeiture of relocation benefits. 

Requirements A relocation plan needs to explain the steps the agency or local government will take to: 
  • Help displaced owners and tenants find suitable replacement dwellings, farms or business locations;
  • Inform displaced persons on available state, federal, and local assistance programs;
  • Determine costs of relocation payments and services and; 
  • Ensure that persons are not required to vacate dwellings without reasonable opportunity to find replacement dwellings.

The Relocation Unit can help governments and agencies develop prudent and equitable relocation plans, payments, services and assist in the resolution of disagreements. It can provide informational materials on relocation and eminent domain laws as well as sample formats for plans and waivers. 



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Contact Information
For more information, interested agencies and governments should contact Amanda Mott at (608) 261-8404 or amanda.mott@wisconsin.gov for further assistance.
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