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Energy Use in State of Wisconsin Owned Facilities

Wisconsinís efforts to reduce energy consumption and costs in state-owned facilities began in earnest as a result of the rapid energy cost increases following the first Middle East oil embargo in 1973. Energy conservation and energy management efforts in state facilities have received continued support from the Governor, the State Building Commission, and the Wisconsin Legislature over the ensuing years. As testimony to the great facility managers and this support, the rate of annual energy use in state facilities has been reduced 32 percent since 1973.

The reports linked below will refer to Fiscal Year 2005 (FY2005 or FY05) as a baseline comparison year (which is also adjusted for weather) to reflect the impact of the bipartisan 2005 Wisconsin Act 141 and the Energy Bond Fund Program  (administered by the Department of Administration) on energy conservation efforts across the eleven major state agencies.  The FY2015 rate of annual energy use in state facilities was 18.9 percent less than FY2005 baseline when adjusted for weather.

FY2011 Energy Use in State Facilities Report

FY2012 Energy Use in State Facilities Report

FY2013 Energy Use in State Facilities Report

FY2014 Energy Use in State Facilities Report

FY2015 Energy Use in State Facilities Report 

The information  in these reports was compiled by Innovative Business Engineering in partnership with the State Energy Office (funded by a US Department of Energy FY 2012 grant*) with the assistance of the Wisconsin Department of Administration with supporting documentation provided by the following agencies:

University of Wisconsin System Department of Administration
Department of Corrections
Department of Health Services Department of Public Instruction Department of Veterans Affairs Department of Natural Resources Department of Transportation
Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority (WHEDA)
State Fair Park
Department of Military Affairs

Agency and facility energy coordinators deserve special mention not only for supplying needed data, but more importantly, for being personally involved in the energy conservation programs that have achieved the results documented on the following pages.

 *This material is based upon work supported by the Department of Energy under Award Number DE-EE0005856.


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