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EPA Green Power

Propane Prices and Graphs

The prices and graphs on this page are updated every Tuesday from October to March. From April to September, prices are updated mid-monthly.

Wisconsin Prices

Home Heating Options and Propane Tips

Price Comparison

The following table looks at the:

  • average winter price (to-date),
  • the average seasonal cost per household (estimated), 
  • the average price for the current week, and
  • the average price per million Btu (MMBtu).


Heating Fuel

Average Winter Price (October to March) 2015-2016

Average Seasonal Cost per Household Winter
2015 - 2016

Average Price
Week of 1/4/2016

Average Price Week of 1/4/2016 Price/MMBtu3












Wood Pellets

$4.98 per 40 lbs.1


$4.98 per 40 lbs.













Wood Chips

Approx. $2.40 per 40 lbs. 













$1.16 per gallon


$1.21 per gallon













Heating Oil

$2.10 per gallon


$1.752 per gallon














$0.1457 per kWh


$.1491 per kWh2













Natural Gas

$0.7385 per therm


$0.7011 per therm


1The price per 40 lb. bag is discounted for bulk purchases of 1 ton (50 40-lb. bags). The price used in this calculation is the price/ton. The price comes from a national retailer.
2The residential electricity price in the table is from October 2015. This is the most recent electric price due to the availability of the dataset. The residential electricity price is an average of Investor Owned Utilities operating in Wisconsin based on reports submitted to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. IOUs serve approximately 83% of all electricity customers in the state. Starting in January 2015, the cost of electricity will include a statewide average of fixed costs, in addition to the variable, per kWh cost.
3The heat values used are: heating oil, 138,690 Btu/gallon; propane, 91,333 Btu/gallon; wood pellets, 16,500,000 Btu/ton; electricity, 3,413 Btu/kWh


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